Omid Shakery

Omid Shakery

I have asked myself countless times, what is the purpose of my existence here on planet Earth? What am I here to accomplish, and what does mother earth want from me?

Every day I strive towards solving this mystery, to fulfill the grand universal design. And I believe that one’s mission on this planet is to pursue the dream you have in your heart. But also, to achieve the best possible health, happiness and fulfillment along the way.

I believe that nutrients are the most important factor for this. These come in many different forms. Air, sunlight, water, plants and people. I do breathing exercises and meditation for mastering the air. I swim in the ocean, rivers, and lakes to intake the nutrients in the water. I barely wear clothes in order to take in as much sunlight as possible. I cook with a large variety of ingredients every day. And I try to interact with as many inspiring people as possible.

The more quality and variety of nutrients I receive, the more energized, healthy, and happy I feel. Ambronite helps me receive tons of great different drinkable nutrients in just seconds. I hope that in the future there will be more products like these, with hundreds, or even thousands of natural ingredients developed by herbalists and scientists. Then we will thrive and become super-humans.

Carpe Lucem! Follow the light!

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