Tom Coeytaux

Tom Coeytaux



My lifestyle is pretty nomadic. I like traveling (went to 15 countries in the past 2 years) and I'm actually spending my last 3 weeks (ever) working a 9-5. This is thanks to the fact that my "on the side" business revenue skyrocketed to a point where I can be free to work anywhere in the world, with just my laptop and an Internet connection.

I do have a very specific morning routine that includes meditation, reading and exercising, usually followed by Ambronite ;). This routine helps me to start the good momentum of positive actions for the day, which allows me to be productive and excited about what I do. The morning is everything.

My purpose is to inspire young people out there to quit making excuses as for why they can't travel the world or get the life they've always dreamed about. Everything is “figureoutable”, if you want it bad enough, you'll find a way. It will take time, but in the end, nothing beats persistence and dedication to achieve your goal.

Food and nutrition are now essential in my life. There was a time when I used to eat frozen pizzas all the time. Seriously! I didn't notice that it was putting me into some kind of weird, apathetic mental fog. I only became aware of it when I started eating broccoli, spinach, almonds, all kind of veggies... That's when my brain really woke up. From that day, I knew nutrition had to be my main priority, because a foggy brain produces negative thoughts and just makes my life less in every sense.

Any time I travel, I have 5-6 Ambronite packs with me and my shaker. It's so hard to find something healthy to eat in airports and while you're on the move and have no kitchen. Ambronite always saves the day and allows me to be on top of my stuff when time or location are playing against me. Plus, it's quite handy to have Ambronite for breakfast, ready in less than a minute and drinkable as I walk to the office, without compromising my health as I would be if I'd buy a croissant. That's just awesome!

The other day, someone actually asked me: "What is this thing you're drinking, yet another stupid chemical thing?" It was very entertaining to proceed to explain to them that you can't really go more natural and organic than Ambronite!

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