Teemu Arina

Teemu Arina


Teemu Arina is an entrepreneur and biohacker. He successfully runs two technology companies, is writing a book about biohacking, and gives more than 100 presentations a year all around the world. His day is a kaleidoscope of meeting people, brainstorming, negotiating, and discovering new information.

Does healthy eating fit into your busy lifestyle?

Absolutely! I’ve always been a fan of well-crafted and high quality food to fuel myself. Having a busy schedule often means that time becomes an issue. Working late and waking up early, commuting from one location to another, spending time at conferences and hotels and coming home late means that optimal food for optimal performance is not always available. You need something at your fingertips that restores you, not something that takes away from your health.

Drinkable meals are a part of my new lifestyle.

I learned to take care of myself the hard way. While working overtime and sleeping little, I finally got myself an ulcer due to a stressful lifestyle. After a cascade of multiple doctor’s visits and 9 months of suffering, I took the responsibility into my own hands. Armed with quantified self, scientific knowledge and experts I designed various interventions to restore my health.

One of the corner stones of the solution were drinkable meals. Drinkable food is the ultimate hack: you get optimal number of nutrients with the highest absorption rate in the least amount of time into your body. There is no morning when you wouldn’t have the time to spin together a magical cocktail.

I feel better than ever before

I noticed an incredible change in my body. What is even more important I felt like waking up from a dream for the first time in my life. Not only did the disease go away, but I noticed that my ability to process, memorize and analyze information leapfrogged to a whole new level.

And what happened next?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, for a reason. That is when you have total control over what to eat. My kitchen became a laboratory, full of jars containing herbs, spices, nuts, powders, fats, and what not to start my day. Through experimentation I crafted the ultimate recipe. The drink is a powerful combination of organic ingredients, ancient tonic herbs, and superfoods. My friends still laugh when they hear that the drink averages at least 30 ingredients.

Now you can enjoy what I discovered the hard way, because Ambronite has almost all of them. And that’s impressive.

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