Marc Fernandez

Marc Fernandez

The Human Bluprint

Marc Fernandez is a Marriage and Family Therapist working in public service as well as in private practice. He is an avid long-distance runner and IronMan triathlete-in-training. Marc has competed in several Sprint and Olympic distance triathlons as well as a Half Ironman.

I completed my first Ironman 70.3 in August 2015 after 11 months of training and having just learned what a triathlon was. In addition, I compete in triathlons, running events and I engage in sports with social leagues.

I would describe myself as having an attuned and active lifestyle. I spend a great deal of time being aware of the present moment and I identify what makes me feel good and what doesn't make me feel good in methods that will allow me to not forget them. I am engaged with my personal health and fitness and I look for safe ways to push my boundaries to reach deeper levels of self-growth.

The best learning experiences in my life have been the ones that have put me in an uncomfortable, vulnerable and stressful situation, and allowing myself to be present with those feelings and reframe them in the most positive way possible. Endurance events, watching myself conduct psychotherapy on video as part of my graduate school training, and experimenting with different nourishment routines.

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