Information on heavy metals in Ambronite 

Heavy metals are omnipresent in the environment and trace amounts exist in nearly all types of food. Both European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) monitor general intake of heavy metals. By all means the heavy metal content in Ambronite is considered very low. We do pay close attention to the quality of our product and control for all general contaminants and assure that Ambronite contains only very low or zero amounts of heavy-metals and other contaminants.

Our test results consistently show that the heavy metal content in Ambronite complies with EFSA standards and is not toxic by any means as reference to the scientific opinion of EFSA. Based on their research, EFSA has set limits for maximum levels for heavy metals in foods. Depending on the type of food, limit ranges set by the EFSA for heavy metal contaminants are following (mg/kg, wet weight):

Based on the latest CoA, Ambronite* contains following levels of heavy metals (mg/kg, wet weight):

* Prepared Ambronite meals, mixed in the ratio of 1 serving (4.2oz/120g) of Ambronite per 550ml of clean water.

For arsenic in general, EFSA has not set maximum limits. There are both organic and inorganic forms of arsenic. Inorganic arsenic is precisely what is harmful for humans, not organic. Most of the arsenic found in food products (e.g. rice protein) can be assumed to be organic. There are several arsenic compounds, the two most detrimental for humans are arsenite and arsenate. Finland is global front runner in arsenic research and Finnish Food Safety Authority (EVIRA) is developing better methods for more accurate identification of harmful compounds (e.g. inorganic arsenic) in foods. For inorganic arsenic, EFSA suggests a safety range of 0.3 - 8 micrograms per kilogram of body weight per day. This implies that for an average 70 kg person intake of inorganic arsenic should be below 290 µg/day. The total arsenic content of four Ambronite meals does not exceed this level.

FDA does not have any limits that would apply to the heavy metal levels in Ambronite. FDA does monitor general intake of heavy metals, but in most circumstances there are no set limits for naturally occurring heavy metals (i.e. in the rice protein). By any FDA standards, heavy metal levels in Ambronite are low. For instance, FDA has set an action level of 0.5 µg/mL for lead in products intended for use by infants and children. One prepared Ambronite meal contains 0.01 µg/mL of lead.

California residents, please check here for Proposition 65 information on heavy metals.