Farnoosh Brock

Farnoosh Brock

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Farnoosh Brock is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, speaker, author, podcaster, green juice expert, and Ashtanga yogini. She escaped her cushy 11-year corporate career to start her own company. Her story was seen at Forbes, LifeHacker, BBC World News, and more. Farnoosh writes about how to unblock your creative genius to live your dream life.

Farnoosh, how has your life changed, since you started your own business?

My lifestyle is active and fun, a fusion of work and play. I am a full-time entrepreneur, a writer and a coach, but whether I work with clients or write, I am able to do it anywhere, and my husband and I love to travel. We take international trips for both work and pleasure a few times a year. I also have a very strict Ashtanga yoga practice, 6 days a week for 2-hours a day.

What motivated you to make a change?

My best learning experience is when I was able to quit a very cushy corporate job to follow my dream of an independent lifestyle, working for myself, and practicing yoga everyday. It was a radical shift from what I did (engineering, project management) and how I did it (employee to entrepreneur) that was both scary and exciting. I look back today and am overjoyed that I took the leap, but the lesson was this: nobody around me approved of my choice except my husband. I had to believe that was the right path for me. So don't look for permission or approval if you believe in doing something else, but know that you are responsible for your own outcomes.

Today my personal motivation is to inspire you to live your life fully, and to follow your dreams and passions. I inspire people to get healthy, to start yoga practice, to read books and to believe in their dreams. Exercising both your mind and body to stay sharp and clear on your purpose in life is essential.

Very inspiring indeed! What is the most essential thing to keep in mind when you are about to start living your dream life?

My one message for you is to trust yourself. If you want to do something, and you have a good feeling about it, do it. And if you have to stretch yourself out of your comfort zone, then you have the chance to grow. So do it. You'll discover things you didn't know before taking chances and stepping outside what you already know.

How was your Ambronite experience, and how does it fit your lifestyle?

I use Ambronite for breakfast, I blend 1/2 a pack with 1 cup water and 1 cup almond milk and I mix in some banana, mango and blueberry to make it a complete meal. It keeps me going for 4-5 hours, even with my hard-core yoga practice. I also plan on taking it with me on my travels, and using it without a blender. Ambronite is the ONLY powdered meal that loves my stomach and my body responds extremely well to it, plus it tastes good and the nutrition is off the charts!

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