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Devin Ronge

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I try to live a healthy lifestyle, I walk at lunchtime in the summertime nearly every day. In the evening I typically take my Camera and walk near sunset in hopes of getting a nice sunset photo. It wasn’t always that way. After I got my first job out of college a combination of working too much and eating unhealthy had me about 45 pounds heavier than my current weight. I ended up doing a series of at home workout videos and started eating healthy and actually learning to cook to get me down into ideal shape.

About passion

Technology is my absolute passion. I started programming in basic when I was 12 years old and I really grew up during the era where the internet was exploding. I made websites, chatted on IRC, used home-made message board systems. I do work with a non-profit organization, Pennsylvania’s Junior Academy of Science, that promotes math and science amongst middle and high-school age students. I’ve been working with the organization since I was a freshmen in college and previous to that was an active participant for the six years I was eligible to participate. I wrote a software program that handles the tasks that have to happen on the day of the event. It greatly reduced the amount of stress put on the volunteers and even let’s us have time to eat dinner at a leisurely pace prior to the awards ceremony. This was never the case prior to that. I fly remote control aircraft when I get a chance to in the summer. My father introduced me to the hobby when I was 13 and I started doing it again two years ago.

About food

I take eating healthy pretty seriously because I don’t want to let that happen to myself again. I eat as much fresh fruit and vegetables as I can and I try to make healthy choices when I eat out at restaurants. Despite my caution, I do like to enjoy the occasional “unhealthy” meal by watching my portion size and exercising. Fruit is my absolute favourite food and I always advocate to people that are trying to eat healthier to start by adding fresh fruit to their diet. It’s a healthy food that helps subdue your craving for sweets.

About Ambronite

I almost exclusively drink Ambronite in place of lunch in days where I don’t have time to prepare a salad. This keeps me from going to the local restaurants and potentially eating something significantly less healthy. I’ve been following this drinkable meal replacement since their crowd-funding campaign. I was immediately drawn to the simple and natural source of the ingredients. I backed it immediately and have been very pleased with the product.

My favourite Ambronite

My favorite Ambronite recipe is to mix 8 ounces of 100% cranberry juice and 8 ounces of water along with my Ambronite packet.

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