Sanna Ruuska
Founder at La Vida Fresca
From Finland. Living in Madrid, Spain.

Hi Sanna, could you introduce yourself, what do you do, what are your interests and hobbies?

I’m a mom, wife, founder of, certified health coach and occupational therapist from Finland. I'm passionate about health & well-being, baking and cooking and of course traveling around the world.

What made you move to Spain?

Moving to Spain was something my husband had been planning for a long time, and something we began to plan together when our journey started over seven years ago. So, we moved here because it was our dream and we wanted, planned and worked really hard to make it happen.

How did you come up with the idea for your blog &

It was something that I'd had on my mind for a sometime and after moving to Spain, it was natural way to express myself. My goal was and still is to inspire people and give new information, ideas or even dreams through my writings, pictures and videos. Or perhaps I can just be the small moment in my readers days when they can stop thinking about everything and simply enjoy a read.

When did you realize that having your own website and writing a blog is what you want to do and what made that possible?

I realized quite fast after starting the blog that it's going to be a big part of my work and all this happened with the help of my husband. And when I started writing also in Finnish the importance of the blog grew even more as I've been getting so good and positive feedback from my readers.

What are your goals for the next 5 years?

To grow my business and be a successful health coach while being the best and caring mom to our son and most supportive and lovable wife to my husband.

What is your philosophy on nutrition?

When it comes to nutrition, my philosophy is pretty simple: I try to eat healthily most of the time. I really, truly, deeply love eating and when I eat everything in moderation, the result will be healthy body and happy mind.

What is the unhealthiest eating habit that you've been able to let go of?

There was a phase when I chose so called "healthy" products with a lot of artificial sweeteners and additives (low fat, low carb, low sugar etc.) that probably made my stomach hurt at some point, but nowadays I prefer real, pure food. Foods that doesn't require labels or if they do, ingredients are recognizable. Foods that leave me feeling good afterwards.

What other things besides nutrition do you see as building blocks of happy & healthy life?

I believe in holistic wellbeing and healthy way of life, that include also exercising, adequate night's sleep, relaxation and some sweets and treats in moderation once in a while. I believe that balance is the key to healthy and happy life.

When and how did you hear about Ambronite?

I got familiar with Ambronite already a few years ago, but now I found it again and I’m totally sold. My husband participated in crowdfunding at the beginning of the story of Ambronite around four years ago and we got some samples of it. And to be honest, the taste of the drink didn’t please my taste buds at all and I forgot it completely.

For the past year, Ambronite has been quite visible on social media and I got the idea to give it a new chance. Fortunately, because now I’m absolutely hooked!

How do you use Ambronite?

Mostly I use Ambronite when in a hurry as it mixes easily with just cold water, but also before and after workout. Ambronite gives me long lasting energy without the too full and heavy feeling, so I can do my workout right after drinking it. It's also my best traveling buddy nowadays. I just love the not bloated and non-sluggish feeling after traveling that drinking Ambronite enables!

What has been the biggest benefit of using Ambronite to you?

I get easily long-lasting energy, but without any stomach issues that most of the meal replacements does as those contain so many sweeteners and additives. And while drinking Ambronite, I know that I'm nourishing my body at the same time with pure, real stuff.

What’s your ikigai (reason for being)?

I have stories to tell, dreams to follow, missions to complete, things to teach, passion to make other people smile and live their lives as healthy way as possible. That's my ikigai.


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