Rasmus Schüller - Professional Football Player, Finnish National Team


1. How would you describe your lifestyle?

As a professional athlete I live a healthy lifestyle. My professional career is about getting the most and the best out of myself as a football player. In order to do that one needs healthy habits. But I also want to learn and develop in other fields. When I am not playing football I like studying and reading, which most often also is a good way of getting thoughts off football. I want to lead a balanced life with many components that makes me feel healthy and energetic.

2. What is your personal motivation? 

My motivation is to enjoy life and meet the goals I set up for myself. I have the urge to feel that I am developing and being productive. Setting up concrete goals helps me drive forward and learn on the way. 

3. Being a professional football player, how important is quality nutrition for you and your development as an athlete?

For an athlete good recovery as equally as important to development as good training. The basis of good recovery is good nutrition. Ambronite fits my lifestyle perfect with the super easy and super healthy meals on the go. You don´t alway have time to prep a healthy meal, but as an athlete you still want to eat healthy. Ambronite fills this void perfectly. 

4. When & Where do you use Ambronite? How does it fit your lifestyle? 

I use Ambronite as a snack or a recovery drink after practice. It is a easy and fast way to get the nutrients you need to feel fresh and energized.

5. You have tried all our flavours - which one is your favourite and why? 

My favorite is Ginger & Apple for the simple reason that I really love the taste of both ginger and apple and they combine great together. 

6. To whom do you recommend Ambronite?

I would recommend Ambronite to everyone who wants to eat and live healthy but doesn't always have the best schedule to do so.

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