Pauline Leung

Pauline Leung


Pauline is Development Coordinator, Fundraiser, Entrepreneur, Innovation Engineering student

My lifestyle is a Go Go Go! Juggling kids, a career, business and personal aspirations there is not enough time in the Earth day. I need 32 hours!

Transitioning out of the insurance industry back to the arts in a non-artistic role, all the while starting a family has been a rollercoaster! The last 4 years has opened up a whole new world for me. It's constantly challenge my mindset and abilities but with that, I quite literally get to interact with the history of Canada's Royal Winnipeg Ballet. A big thank you to all the mentors who recognized that being laid off from my broker position was actually an opportunity for me to upgrade my education and get back to the arts; where I belong.

What motivates me to carry on? My kids and the future they'll live in have become my biggest motivations. There are a lot of statistics and situations that I'd like to help change before I hand over the reigns. I'm hoping they'll be healthy and also have the choice to raise happy, healthy children here on this planet.

My biggest achievement is live is a ballad for Ingrid D. Johnson's "Wounded Souls" CD that I recorded years ago; I recently found out it's been re-released to major digital music vendors. Neat!

Joseph Campbell said “Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.” There is only one other phrase that's been as powerful in my life than the above >>> Dream big, live true and remember to love you.

I use Ambronite at work on busy days, to avoid buying a lunch or between obligations but there are times when I'm starving and it's the perfect tie-over to a meal. This really is a supermeal because it addresses multiple concerns; cost, time and hunger - I don't have to sacrifice one for another.

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