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Ari Huusela

Ari Huusela


Ari was taking part in Route de Rhum, a solo sailing competition across the Atlantic departing on November 2nd from Saint-Malo, France. Right from the start, Ari struck us as an ambitious and exceptional guy with a thing for pushing boundaries of voyaging. In addition to solo Atlantic crossings, Ari is also a professional airline pilot. That's a real nomad.

Ari has over 30 years of sailing experience and over 37,000 ocean miles under his belt, over 16,000 of which he has sailed single-handed with Classe Mini -type 6.5-meter transatlantic yachts. He has crossed the Atlantic two times without any external help or connection.

Of course, we were excited to hear how we could help him. Ari read about Ambronite in a newspaper and thought it could solve one of his most challenging routines in the middle of the Atlantic - cooking meals. That includes meal prep, cleanup, and limited space for food supplies.

Time is another huge challenge when sailing. Regular sleep is hard to come by.

"Every night I get to sleep around 20 minutes every hour."

With limited time for sleep, there's certainly no time to cook 3 course meals during long days on the ocean. Ari wanted to try out our product right after our initial phone conversation. Ari's assistant picked up a box of Ambronite for his qualification sail of over 1000 miles, which started the following day.

"Ambronite was tasty and kept me satisfied for a long time. I really loved Ambronite, because it was so simple to prepare. Every minute saved on the boat makes the difference."

Ari was kind to invite the Ambronite team for an evening sail. It was a great experience to understand the multitude of things to be taken care of during the sail. Especially the amount of technical equipment on a transatlantic racing yacht is pretty surprising.

Here's a quick video of how Ari prepares his Ambronite at sea (in Finnish). Be sure to follow the rest of his adventure across the Atlantic. Bon voyage!!