Anna Sylvan

Anna Sylvan


Today, I am lucky to say that I am “between jobs”. Lucky because this means I can travel and have time for myself. I live on a a lime-rock island, called Gotland, which is located in Sweden. It is quiet and most places are closed for about 9 ½ months of the year, but right now, during the summer, Gotland hosts many excited tourists.

I used to sail as a merchant mariner, crossing all seven oceans and working around the clock. It was an interesting time for exploration, but I came to miss human interaction and consideration, so I came back ashore - sometimes it feels like I followed in the footsteps of the Vikings, my ancestors, and discovered the beauty of Gotland.

Nutrition is not a new world for me. I have been in and out of therapeutic rehabilitation and strength training since 1992, so by habit, I am constantly checking on nutritious options for people on the go. And while a proper meal is my first option, it is not always within reach. Which is why when I first came across Ambronite on the internet, I became very curious and interested in what I was seeing.

I look for a few specifics when it comes to food on the go. It needs to not be dependent on temperature or require any additional equipment to prepare. Also, on-the-go meals for me must be effortless in serving and easy to stow. With Ambronite, it was check, check and check! Ambronite came in handy for our trip to Morocco with my husband. While there were generous and delicious breakfasts and dinners throughout our trip, many days were long and strenuous with travel, asking for on-the-go meals, rather than time-consuming cooked meals. I only wish I had packed Ambronite in our carry-on luggage - it would’ve come in so handy when our flight got delayed and we had to spend most of the first night at the airport!

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