Amee Livingston

Amee Livingston

Amee's Savory Dish

Amee is a Precision Nutrition coach, Crossfit trainer, children’s book author, foodie, recipe creator and devoted mom and wife.

I am pretty much a juggler of many hats! Running a food blog, coaching CrossFit classes, working with nutrition clients, getting in my own training and raising two busy teenagers keeps me hopping! Life is never dull!

I love being in the kitchen and creating new recipes. I'm also very passionate about helping clients improve their eating habits and learning to love healthy food. When you are passionate about your profession, it's easy to stay motivated. Food that nourishes your body can also be very delicious!

My best learning experience in life hasn't been one defining moment, but rather many important life lessons gathered over the years being raised by a father born with cerebral palsy. Life can sometimes deal you a bad hand, but it's how you choose to play your cards that's important. Never underestimate your abilities, never give up and never stop trying to be the best version of yourself that you can possibly be. When the going gets tough, be ready to accept the challenge.

Ambronite is great for a grab-and-go meal when I'm on-the-go or wanting to work through lunch without taking a break for food prep. I really like the macro nutrient ratio of the ingredients and it mixes easily with just cold water, so it's perfect for running errands and traveling for a fast, nutritious meal. Some days I get really busy, so it's great to have healthy, organic food in a fast, portable shake.

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