Stefan Engblom - DJ at Dada Life


1. Could you please state who you are, and what you do?

I'm Stefan Engblom, one half of the DJ duo Dada Life. We make music and travel the world performing it.

2. For what use-case / problem did you first use Ambronite? Did it solve that problem, how?

There's a saying in the touring world where you eat when you can and sleep when you can. The problem has been to find nutritious food that suits the hectic schedule. After a show/concert we're exhausted and need to recharge our bodies and since the backstage is packed with candy/chips/sodas it's easy to fall for that. Now I just bring Ambronite and I'll have a proper nutritious meal after each show but also during our traveling days I drink Ambronite. We all know how airport/airplane food tastes...

3. How do you like your Ambronite? What time of the day, where, as a drink or mixing it up? Why like this?

On tour it can be up to three meals of Ambronite, depending on how hectic our schedule is.

4. How did you discover Ambronite?

I've been searching for a meal replacement for a long time and I've been doing my own with oats, berries, and nuts. The problem here is that I have to bring a blender with me and I can't use the blender on airports/airplane/backstage etc. So I was googling around for a meal replacement that also fitted my philosophy of only using ingredients that were around me (Nordic countries). A lot of meal replacements use artificial stuff and weird leaves/berries from all over the world, which I'm not too fond of. I like to think that were meant to eat stuff that we ourselves can harvest. Ambronite fitted this profile perfectly.

5. How has Ambronite helped you with your lifestyle and everyday life?

To be able to use Ambronite on the road has given me so much energy back and I feel much more healthy during our tours.

6. Could you tell us about a concrete, particular moment / experience when Ambronite has provided you with great value?

I remember a tour we did with 7 shows in 3 days. Ambronite was my main fuel for all those 3 days!

7. To who do you recommend Ambronite, and to what kind of situations / what problem does it solve?

Whenever people say they don't have time to eat I recommend Ambronite. You always have time for a fast drink/shake. Even recommended it to our lawyer in Sweden who said that he sometimes didn't have time to eat proper meals.

8. Greatest benefit with Ambronite?

To get a full meal fast and knowing the ingredients are all natural from the Nordic countries.

9. How did Ambronite change your life? If you compare your before Ambronite- and after Ambronite state?

I get less sick and feel much more energy during the hectic tours.

10. Have you noticed a difference in your body/how it feels after starting to use Ambronite?

Whenever you get little sleep and are on a hectic schedule it feels like your body is starting to break down. With Ambronite that state is no longer present or is way less.

11. Favourite superhero? (Can be someone you know, an idol of yours, or an "traditional" superhero such as Thor/Spiderman)..

Hiro Nakamura who possesses the ability of space-time manipulation.

12. Favourite Flavor ? Why do you like it the most?

Is that a question? Banana!

13. If Ambronite was a music instrument, which one would it be and why?.. :D

For me, I compare it to a music production plugin. Our own Dada Life Sausage Fattener. You can use that one on any instrument!

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