Minttu Tuominen

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Minttu Tuominen is a Finnish ice-hockey player, member of the Finland women's national ice hockey team. She plays in the defence position.

How can you describe your lifestyle?

I play ice hockey on the Finnish national team and semi-professionally in Linköping (Sweden) and as a 2-time Olympian I lead a healthy, athletic lifestyle. Sports have always been a big part in my life and I plan my days so that I can be at my best  in every practice and game.

What is your personal motivation?

What drives me forward is that I hate losing more than I love winning. I also believe that the will to prepare to win is more important than the will to win.

During my first year in college I was part of team Finland that won bronze at the 2010 Olympics, which was a childhood dream come true! Now my dream is winning the Olympic gold medal in South Korea in 2018.

What is the best learning experience in your life?

I went to Ohio State University in the USA for four years to play hockey and do my Bachelor’s degree in human nutrition. Moving to another country at the age of 19 was definitely a big change in my life and an experience of a lifetime. I learned a huge deal about who I am, about a different culture, and hockey.

How, when, where you use Ambronite? How does it fit your lifestyle?

I have always been interested in nutrition and how it affects my performance, so when I heard about Ambronite I couldn’t believe it. I had finally come across the perfect meal for me no matter what the situation was. I use it as a meal or a snack at home, on the road, as a post-workout recovery drink, you name it. My favorite recipe is simply water + Ambronite because it is fast and I love the way it tastes!

Eating well makes me feel good and that’s when I am positive, happy and full of energy! Ambronite fits right in that ally! I can’t describe how happy I am now that I have found Ambronite. The product is awesome, and so is the community.

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